Questionnaire Analysis

Summary: I analysed the results of the survey that I made in order to gain information about my target audience and how this will influence my design of the college magazine.

social media

  1. The information  gathered from my target audience is that Facebook, twitter and Instagram are used the most therefore these convergent links will be shown on the magazine .
  2. Pop Music Magazine4 I also learned that my target audience preferred to have a dark colour scheme for the college magazine therefore I am going to use a dark colour scheme to appeal to my target audience.
  3. Pop Music Magazine5 75% of my target audience also wanted teh college magazine to feature the use of puff and special offers so in order for me to appeal to my target audience of students will include school related and non-related prizes on the front cover.Pop Music Magazine64. Along with my quantitative data, my qualitative data helped inform me on the preferences of my target audience. Even though more than half of the audience wanted to see school related information, a significant portion of the audience thought otherwise. As a result, I will feature school news in the magazine along with a variety of topics such as fashion, entertainment, sports and gossip.

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