Photoshoot Plan (NEW/RESUBMISSION)


My Interests

I think that by now you are aware that I am a fan of pop music because of my multiple posts that I have made.

I’ve been a fan of Pop music from a young age as you would expect any typical child and I think that this stemmed from my heavy consumption of really ‘cheesy’ films, musicals and TV programmes when growing up. I do think that my interests in music genres vary, I find it quite difficult to identify with just one specific genre so I tend to listen to all of them.  I like older music figures in Soul music such as Nina Simone, individualists like Lykke Li and mainstream artists such as Justin Bieber and Drake so I think that my music taste is rather eclectic.

Recently, I’ve been listening to songs by Justin Bieber who is arguably one the most successful male artists in the Pop genre. I wasn’t a fan of his old music but I must say that his sound has really developed over the years and I definitely prefer his new music especially the songs on his new album.


Another thing about me is that I enjoy watching films, especially films that are about social issues. One of my all time favourite movies is Freedom Writers which highlights the rise in gang culture amongst the youth and racism in America. I think the stories told in the movie are extremely touching and inspiring and I think that they really help motivate me.



The Housestyle

After conducting research on existing pop magazines I have been able to identify the ways companies use colour schemes to create visually appealing magazines. One of the conventions was the continuation of a single housestyle throughout the magazine to give the magazines a professional and organised structure. This prompted me to use digital platform called ‘Adobe Kuler’ which contains various colour palettes; I create the one above by adjusting the colour wheel online. The colours that I selected are bright, primary and secondary colours which are typically seen on existing magazines therefore this shows how I am adhering to the hegemonic conventions of the Pop genre.

The purpose of the colours isn’t just to bring life to a page, these colours convey specific meanings to the target audience. For instance,  the colour pink has connotations of love and fragility therefore this helps to connote femininity which is reflects the stereotypical young, female readership of Pop magazines. Similarly, the other colours: blue, yellow and orange have positive connotations including peace, vitality and warmth. These colours will help signify the summer theme of the magazine since it is a summer edition that will be released.


As I am near the construction process of my music magazine I have started to select and shortlist the types of typography that I will use for my front cover. After downloading these fonts and experimenting with there sizes and colours I have chosen to use the ‘Droidiga’ font for the masthead of my magazine. This font is eye-catching and has a distinctive appereance since the letter ‘o’ in masthead has an accent underneath, I feel as though this is appropriate for my target audience because it is bold and unique which will complement the youthful tone of the pop genre.


Self Evaluation of College Magazine


I am pleased with the construction of college magazine because I do believe that the house style of the college magazine has  been consistent because I have used the same colour palette on the front cover and the contents page which would make the overall construction more aesthetically pleasing. For instance, the predominant colour on the front cover is yellow which is the same as the contents page which  has the colour palette of 3 colours – these are: black, white and yellow.

When constructing the magazine I experimented with a variety of typography and colours and I decided the fonts that I thought would appeal the most to the target audience of students.

I have included the typical conventions found on a magazine when constructing my own college magazine and I found that this influenced my design significantly. Also, I would like to the add the fact that the conventions of magazine has made it easy for my target audience  to identify the front cover as a magazine therefore I am pleased with my design.

Feedback from Target Audience

Contents Page Responses

  • “Very good contents page layout”
  • “You can clearly tell that it’s for a college magazine”
  • “I like the large social media logos (convergent links)”

Front Cover Responses

  • “Very clear fonts”
  • “Nice Puff”
  • “Difficult to see second sell line”
  • “The model looks very professional”
  • “I like the use of yellow crosses to navigate the reader

Overall, the feedback was mostly positive however, it was recommended that I made the sell lines more visible for the audience to read therefore I had to change the colour of the typography to enhance the clarity of the text in the final product. I was successful in the construction of the college magazine because my target audience was aware that students were being targeted for my magazine.

Conventions of Double Page Spread

  •  Alignment
  • Images
  • Convergent links (web address)
  • Quotations & Pull quotes
  • Emboldened
  • Visual Motif
  • Facts
  • Drop Capitals
  • Page number
  • Variety of images/Poses
  • Captions
  • Introduction
  • Name of Artist or Article
  • Facts
  • Arrows/Full stop (end of page)
  • Page reference
  • Drop Capitals


Summary: This post was made to allow me to identify the conventions of Double Page Spreads so that I can use these conventions when constructing my own music magazine. The benefit of this is that the conventions enable the target audience to identify the genre of the magazine and that the pages are indeed a double page spread.

Music Magazine Questionnaire Analysis


  • From the questionnaire that I have conducted i have gathered responses mainly from a male audience which does not correspond to the predominantly young, female demographic/target audience for the Pop genre. Consequently, I know that my music magazine must appeal to female demographic.

new price


  • From the questionnaire it is evident that the audience felt that a magazine less than £4 was most desirable. on the other hand, I know that a high quality magazine would charge at least £5, this means that I will have to dismiss the desired price of my target audience for one that reflects the price of a competitive, high quality, Pop magazine.


  • A large majority of my target audience preferred the Pop magazine to feature a colour palette consisting of Pink, Blue and Black. This means that my Pop magazine should feature these colours in the magazine construction or at least 2 of the colours listed. If I were to improve the question asked, I would have made it an open question so that the participants can list a variety of preferences instead of choosing from a limited amount of responses (improving the qualitative data gathered from my target audience).


  • Lastly, over 40% of my target audience believed that the name of the magazine should be called ‘Poptastic’ because it incorporated the name of the genre and would be most identifiable by my target audience. however, the data collected was also limited therefore I were to use an open question to gain qualitative data more choices can be made.

Link to Questionnaire: