Final Product

Front Cover final2
Final Front Cover


Contents Page official
Final Contents Page
Double Page Spread official
Final Double Page Spread



Drafts of Contents Page

Summary: This post will also outline the early stages of  construction for my music magazine. As you can see below, I started to develop my summer themed house style by selecting warm colours as well as by using the most noticeable typography that was also used on the Front Cover. The conventions of the contents pages were taken into account when constructing the drafts so that the page could be easily identified by the reader.

First Drafts of Front Cover

Summary: This post will show the early stages of development of my pop magazine that was constructed on Photoshop. As you will see, I experimented with a variety of colours, shapes, typography and the images of my model. The conventions of the magazine are also evident on the front covers.



The images that I selected for my magazine were chosen because their clarity. The images came put really well because I used a DSLR camera in a studio setup with light stands facing the models. These images show the models making a variety of facial expressions and gestures which is usually shown in pop magazines so I have conformed to the stereotypical conventions of mainstream pop magazines in this aspect. However, by casting models from Black and  Asian ethnic minority backgrounds I have been able to challenge the stereotypical representation of white artists being the exclusive features in pop magazine. As a result, this alternative representation creates the opportunity of targeting a new audience demographic of black and Asians which which is not usually explored in this genre.


The images that I have rejected are unclear and dull as a result of poor light and focus on the subject. Consequently, this means that the images were unsuitable for the pop magazine because they did not reflect the positive tone that I was trying to create. Furthermore, the poses made by the model could have been taken more into consideration which is another reason why they were not selected.



This post is of sketches that I have made of a desired layout for the Pop magazine. I used Photoshop to construct my sketches and the sketches will be used to help the construction of the Pop Magazine. The typical magazine conventions are evident in the sketches so that the audience of the magazine can easily identify what my product is. By completing this task the construction process will be a lot easier as I am able to get a rough idea of where images and text will be positioned therefore I can make changes to the layout to ensure that the content is clearly presented.