Self Evaluation of College Magazine


I am pleased with the construction of college magazine because I do believe that the house style of the college magazine has  been consistent because I have used the same colour palette on the front cover and the contents page which would make the overall construction more aesthetically pleasing. For instance, the predominant colour on the front cover is yellow which is the same as the contents page which  has the colour palette of 3 colours – these are: black, white and yellow.

When constructing the magazine I experimented with a variety of typography and colours and I decided the fonts that I thought would appeal the most to the target audience of students.

I have included the typical conventions found on a magazine when constructing my own college magazine and I found that this influenced my design significantly. Also, I would like to the add the fact that the conventions of magazine has made it easy for my target audience  to identify the front cover as a magazine therefore I am pleased with my design.


Feedback from Target Audience

Contents Page Responses

  • “Very good contents page layout”
  • “You can clearly tell that it’s for a college magazine”
  • “I like the large social media logos (convergent links)”

Front Cover Responses

  • “Very clear fonts”
  • “Nice Puff”
  • “Difficult to see second sell line”
  • “The model looks very professional”
  • “I like the use of yellow crosses to navigate the reader

Overall, the feedback was mostly positive however, it was recommended that I made the sell lines more visible for the audience to read therefore I had to change the colour of the typography to enhance the clarity of the text in the final product. I was successful in the construction of the college magazine because my target audience was aware that students were being targeted for my magazine.