This post is of sketches that I have made of a desired layout for the Pop magazine. I used Photoshop to construct my sketches and the sketches will be used to help the construction of the Pop Magazine. The typical magazine conventions are evident in the sketches so that the audience of the magazine can easily identify what my product is. By completing this task the construction process will be a lot easier as I am able to get a rough idea of where images and text will be positioned therefore I can make changes to the layout to ensure that the content is clearly presented.




The Housestyle

After conducting research on existing pop magazines I have been able to identify the ways companies use colour schemes to create visually appealing magazines. One of the conventions was the continuation of a single housestyle throughout the magazine to give the magazines a professional and organised structure. This prompted me to use digital platform called ‘Adobe Kuler’ which contains various colour palettes; I create the one above by adjusting the colour wheel online. The colours that I selected are bright, primary and secondary colours which are typically seen on existing magazines therefore this shows how I am adhering to the hegemonic conventions of the Pop genre.

The purpose of the colours isn’t just to bring life to a page, these colours convey specific meanings to the target audience. For instance,  the colour pink has connotations of love and fragility therefore this helps to connote femininity which is reflects the stereotypical young, female readership of Pop magazines. Similarly, the other colours: blue, yellow and orange have positive connotations including peace, vitality and warmth. These colours will help signify the summer theme of the magazine since it is a summer edition that will be released.


As I am near the construction process of my music magazine I have started to select and shortlist the types of typography that I will use for my front cover. After downloading these fonts and experimenting with there sizes and colours I have chosen to use the ‘Droidiga’ font for the masthead of my magazine. This font is eye-catching and has a distinctive appereance since the letter ‘o’ in masthead has an accent underneath, I feel as though this is appropriate for my target audience because it is bold and unique which will complement the youthful tone of the pop genre.


Music Magazine Questionnaire Analysis


  • From the questionnaire that I have conducted i have gathered responses mainly from a male audience which does not correspond to the predominantly young, female demographic/target audience for the Pop genre. Consequently, I know that my music magazine must appeal to female demographic.

new price


  • From the questionnaire it is evident that the audience felt that a magazine less than £4 was most desirable. on the other hand, I know that a high quality magazine would charge at least £5, this means that I will have to dismiss the desired price of my target audience for one that reflects the price of a competitive, high quality, Pop magazine.


  • A large majority of my target audience preferred the Pop magazine to feature a colour palette consisting of Pink, Blue and Black. This means that my Pop magazine should feature these colours in the magazine construction or at least 2 of the colours listed. If I were to improve the question asked, I would have made it an open question so that the participants can list a variety of preferences instead of choosing from a limited amount of responses (improving the qualitative data gathered from my target audience).


  • Lastly, over 40% of my target audience believed that the name of the magazine should be called ‘Poptastic’ because it incorporated the name of the genre and would be most identifiable by my target audience. however, the data collected was also limited therefore I were to use an open question to gain qualitative data more choices can be made.

Link to Questionnaire:

House Style Analysis

House style

  • The colour palette for the pop magazine is very bright and eye-catching. For example, the main colours for the cover of the magazine uses the colour pink which is bright and vibrant. The colour pink has connotations of femininity and delicacy which would help the magazine to target the stereotypical audience of young girls. On the other hand, the colour palette changes on the contents page and double page spread. For instance, colours such as green, white and blue are used on the contents page and have connotations of relaxation, innocence and safety and are related more to the Christmas theme and mood.
  • In contrast to varying colour palette, the same typography is used to connect the three pages together. The typography is sans-serif and is used for the cover story in the front cover, the title ‘We love this…’ on the contents page and ‘Merry Christmas’ on the double page spread. The sans-serif typography creates a relaxed tone for the magazine and this might appeal to the younger, mainstream target audience. The emboldened text for the headings emphasises the significance of the story because emboldened, uppercase typography has connotations of dominance. Furthermore, the use of italicised, blue, text for the caption of the images connotes similarity and the significance of the quotes made by each artist on the contents page.
  • The images taken for the magazine capture the artist in a variety of medium shots which draw attention to the model’s upper body and face. A cropped, close-up shot on the contents page is the largest picture and is centrally framed to signify the importance of the Artist to the audience. I would also like to point out that the colour of the model on the front cover is much more brighter and saturated than any of the images found throughout the three pages which might be a result of a lower production value. overall, the images used are vibrant because they are shot in high key lighting which creates a warmer image therefore the magazine may be perceived as more inviting . furthermore, the model appears to look younger and happier because of the high key lighting hence appealing more to the teenage audience. The images were taken in a studio setting and the background image is constantly used on all three pages. On the double page spread, the costume matches the visual motif of the red Christmas ribbon, red text which highlights the questions in the interview and the highlighted pull quotation. The colour red has connotations of passion, love and Santa Claus which also ties into the Christmas/winter theme of the magazine. There is an uneven ratio of text to image in the magazine, the consent of the magazine tends to be informal and gossip related to appeal to the young, female target audience.